About Us

The Road Church began holding public services in January of 2004 and we have been on a journey following God as much as a church as we do individually. Originally we began as a weeknight church meeting only on Tuesday nights with the dream that we would use our weekends to connect with people and share the love of Jesus, then come together and worship Tuesday nights.

We were young and most of us didn’t have kids yet or they were very young and we had a great time in those early years. As we have matured and the patter of little feet has become louder we have grown as a church and we began to hold Sunday services as well as Tuesday night and found that we didn’t have to stop loving people or Jesus just because we now worshiped on both Tuesday and Sunday. In fact we found that diversity is good and people and families have different needs and we wanted to minister to everybody.

Most recently we have changed Tuesday night to a men’s time where we get together and talk about what God is doing in our lives as well as looking at God’s word to see what God says about the role of men in this world he has created.

Sunday continues to be a worship time for all ages and types of people: young and young at heart, men and women, single and married, with kids and without, working and not working, healthy and those who continue to pray for healing. We come together to sing and pray and hear from the Bible how we can continue to walk the Journeys of life together with Jesus.

We are led by Pastor Sam Wright, who grew up here on the northwest side of Tucson before going off to College at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. He ministered away from Arizona for almost 10 years before God brought him back to the Deserts of Arizona. He has ministered as a Youth pastor, Associate Pastor and church planter and now as lead pastor at The Road Church. He is married to his beautiful wife Sara who leads the worship team and loves chasing their two boys Sam and Conor. As a family they love to be outdoors camping and 4wheeling in one of their many 4Runners. They love people and God and really want to help others do the same.