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Jesus was witty and fun, cutting to those who put on a religious show, gentle with the hurt and wounded, healing to the Broken hearted. He Loved kids, and was really just down to earth. If this isn’t the Jesus you think you know then you may not know the Jesus of the Bible. That isn’t an insult; many people today have a misunderstanding of who Jesus really is. When asked about who he was Jesus always responded, “Come and See” And that is exactly what we encourage you to do “come and see”. At The Road Church, we are not a church of perfect people, but we are a church of people who are learning to walk the journeys of life together with Jesus. Jesus is our model of how to walk the UPWARD Journey of loving God, the INWARD Journey of letting God heal our emotions and minds, the OUTWARD Journey of Loving people around us, and the FORWARD Journey of letting God use us to change the world, maybe one last time.

We encourage you to come as you are, and see what God can do in your life as you begin to walk the Journeys of Life to together with Us and Jesus.

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